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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Winding down

As we get to the end of the school term I've been looking back at how busy it's been and looking forward to the summer holidays.

And as always the 'to-do' list is growing. It's really hard to believe how the last few months have flown. Thankfully it's been a good year so far. Somehow I managed to avoid any of the nasty bugs floating around. Work and extra circular activities have kept me busy and also from blogging.

Top of my list for the summer holidays is to sort out the house, especially my work areas. And I do mean 'areas'. I've been involved in so many crafts over the years that I have vast supplies of everything. I'm reluctant to throw out anything so end up finding places and ways to store them all. When I need more storage it's clothes I get rid of!

So my first plan is to refurbish an old drawer that was turned into a shelf unit many moons ago by Hubby. It came from an old shop fitting and is probably older than the two of us put together!

Hubby used it in his first flat which was above the shop and was filled with an eclectic mix of antique furniture, DIY pieces and cast-offs from his parents. Many of which we used when we moved in to our first home.

Gradually, over the years, we outgrew many of these odd pieces, or they fell apart or have broken down. But a few have survived and are still used on a regular basis like our little kitchen table and chairs. Some have been retired to the attic to hold more stuff we haven't  managed to throw away. And this shelf unit is among that lot. It's the bigger of two that don't quite match, but were very useful book shelves and coffee cup holders over the years. 

It needs a little repair, mainly wood filler and a coat of paint. I'm hoping it will help to organize the area around the recliner where all my works in progress are scattered about. I'm taking photographs as I go along so will post those when I'm finished. In the meantime here's one of our little table and old bentwood chair we use in the kitchen.

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