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Crafts have always been a big part of my life. They have been my obsession yet kept me sane. My latest obsession is crochet. Wool and the finished products have taken over the house. A blog seems like the next step in my woolie journey wherever that takes me. Feel free to pop in and see what I am up to.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Early one morning...

Its silly o'clock here, couldn't sleep. Restless leg - so the best thing for that is a cup of tea. As soon as I'm upright, the pain is gone! Now I'm awake I've made the tea anyway.

Checking in on the Etsy Ireland teams page, I follow a few links to blogger and realized I haven't posted in such a long time. Last post was as I was getting ready for the Christmas markets.  I did three this year. The first in the gym of a local school. The aim of that was to get my stall sorted for the big two day Christmas Faire. The third was a flea market just to get a few more sales. All went well and despite the economic recession people were still buying handmade. I was happy enough the way my stall was set up, but have a few improvements planned for next year.

The Christmas was busy too with work, family and friends. Our daughter and her boyfriend announced their engagement to everyone's delight. So it will be a busy and eventful 2014!

I took a few weeks 'off' at the beginning of January, and only just getting back to crochet. On the hook at the moment are boot toppers and head-bands. This is one of the boot toppers, the only picture available for the moment as I'm only figuring out how the camera and apps work on this amazing piece of technology (a new tablet which was a Christmas present to myself since my laptop decided to go on strike)!

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