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Crafts have always been a big part of my life. They have been my obsession yet kept me sane. My latest obsession is crochet. Wool and the finished products have taken over the house. A blog seems like the next step in my woolie journey wherever that takes me. Feel free to pop in and see what I am up to.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Summer Ends

Despite the fact that I just love autumn it's always sad to see the back of summer.   Long lazy summer days are over and it's back to work and back to routine again. And after a few days it feels like we've never been away!

Looking back on the past few months it's been quite busy with family coming and going.  The house feels empty again and it looks like a bomb has hit it - but that's life!!

No time to blog over the past two weeks because pieces had to be finished before my model disappeared for months again. Although as my nieces grow up they are only too delighted to model a few hats and scarves for their crafty Auntie!!  Long may it last!!

Before I start listing my new designs I have a few old listings to update. Some pieces were listed without using a live model and they look so much better on a model.  One of those is the big oversized beanie that I now have in four colours and the others were the big stripy beanies with the big bobbles

And here is a photo of one of the pieces I have to list..

Once life settles down again I will have more time and do intend doing more with this blog.  I'd love to share a few of my patterns and link up with a few other crocheters.  Hopefully good intentions will result in more interesting content and a more lively page.

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