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Crafts have always been a big part of my life. They have been my obsession yet kept me sane. My latest obsession is crochet. Wool and the finished products have taken over the house. A blog seems like the next step in my woolie journey wherever that takes me. Feel free to pop in and see what I am up to.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


You know when you go to the kitchen to make a cup of tea and you end up washing the dishes?  Or when you go up stairs for something and by the time you've got there you've forgotten what it was you went up for?

I've been doing a lot of that recently!  And it's not the first signs of old age as some have suggested! It's a well known fact that humans are limited by our attention spans and processing speeds so many of these little tasks and routines are automated so brain power is free to deal with the more lofty thoughts and difficult tasks.

However, the down side of this is that automated tasks and routines can easily get 'derailed' and we slip into a parallel routine.

For the past two weeks my head has been so full of my new designs that I just haven't been paying attention to the little things.

I'm in full designer mode at the moment and loving it. The styles for this winter will be very different and I can't get all the new ideas buzzing around in my head make quickly enough.  I've made up a few samples and still working on more. I posted a picture on Facebook and Instagram and the response has been brilliant.

And yesterday I found the perfect mustard yellow aran weight yarn I've been looking for for the last two years. I bought a fantastic dark grey and a navy to use with it for the new mittens as well, despite the fact that I had gone into the wool shop with a totally different plan in my head!  Derailed by a ball of wool!!

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