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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Cast off one's chains.

To be free is not merely to cast off one's chains. It is to live in a way that respect and enables the freedom of others. Nelson Mandela.

Something I have been struggling with a bit lately!!! I live my life respecting others and as an 'enabler'. My struggle is dealing with people who do not return the respect. There are times when I simply feel that I have been taken advantage of, and I struggle to remind myself that is the nature of some people and not a weakness on my part. I try not to let it effect my dealings with other people, but sometimes its hard.

These 'disablers' manage to make one feel worthless by constantly taking of ones time, emotions or skill and never giving back. It's not a reciprocal relationship even though it may appear to be so.

Normally I find their negative energy is quick to spot and manage to avoid like the plague!

But lately my radar has been 'off' and I've found myself in a number of situations that I'd rather not be in.
Truth be told they're not major, life changing or anything I can't walk away from. But all together, and all at the same time, make me feel I'm not in control.

So my struggle really is to let go, relinquish control, cast off my chains and move on. I need to concentrate on the things I do have control over, and stop letting these niggling little things take up my time and energy. I need a list!!

And top of my list is to come up with suitable patterns for the fabulous wool I found in 'Be Inspired Fibres', a brand new shop that had opened only a few doors away from where we were staying in Edinburgh. I was so excited to discover it! They stock all sorts of exotic fibres at very reasonable prices. And they also carry a lot of the Lotus brand of yarns. I bought a few different yarns that I haven't used before so busy working out some new patterns for them.
Be Inspired Fibres

The special order of a baby blanket and booties are finished and on their way, and they turned out just so cute!
Baby Blanket and Booties by Corcra

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