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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Summer Crochet

My excuse for my silence is because I dislike posting if I have no photo's to use!  But if I'm honest it's only partly the reason!!

I thought the summer holidays would be weeks with plenty of time for catch ups and updates.  Not a bit of it!!  (I really should know better at my age!!)  The past weeks have been filled with family and cooking and day trips and shopping. And the weeks have flown by.  Any spare time I've had has been spent working hard to build up my winter stock so that it would be ready when my model (my very patient and supportive daughter) came home for a few weeks.  And of course our weather has not been conducive to taking outdoor photographs, so the stack of crochet waiting to be photographed has been growing steadily.

But today the weather was perfect, the model was available and the camera was charged.  Forty new items have now been photographed - but I didn't have the heart to tell her about the big box of new crochet still to be done!!!

Here are some of the pieces that will be listed in the shop over the next few weeks...

Blue Violet slouchy beanie and cowl
More hats can be found here

Multicoloured fingerless wrist warmers
Matching cowl can be found here.
Oversized slouchy beanie.

Red Beret
A cowl in the same yarn can be found here.

Pink Boucle Crochet Cowl
More cowls can be found here.

Soft Black Boucle Infinity Scarf
More Infinity Scarves can be found here.

Blue Green Purple Cowl and Slouchy Beanie

Purple Beret 

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