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Friday, 22 June 2012

Designing a New Banner.

Today is the first day of my summer holidays!  They did actually started over a week ago but I've been so busy that this was the first day I've felt like I'm on holidays.

I took a walk in the park behind our house and not for the first time thought how well it was named - 'The Peace Park'.  It was once the private garden of the Church of Ireland Rectory.  Today I had it all to my self except for the dozens of swallows swooping close to the ground snapping at invisible flies.  

The rest of the day has been spent making a new banner and avatar.  My idea was to create a strong image that was clear and linear.  The plan was to use my latest design in crochet collars with the metallic wool, displayed on the wire frame rescued earlier this year.  In order to make the photograph 'pop', I wanted to try a dark background and photograph out doors in natural light. I have to admit it took a little longer than expected!  The wind was threatening to blow everything over and the camera was about to run out of battery power but on the 4th attempt I got the shots I wanted.

And this is the final shot that I cropped and used for everything.  The backdrop is a black art folder that has a bit of texture rather than black card which might have created a shine - I wanted a matt background. I extended the dark background by cropping the left hand-side and saving separately and then using the combine function in my photo editing programme.  And finally I added the text.  

I like the way everything looks blue grey and the cream wire frame really stands out yet allows the collar to be seen too.

You can see the final results here..


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