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Crafts have always been a big part of my life. They have been my obsession yet kept me sane. My latest obsession is crochet. Wool and the finished products have taken over the house. A blog seems like the next step in my woolie journey wherever that takes me. Feel free to pop in and see what I am up to.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Picking up the threads.

That's a bit what it feels like at the moment.. beginning to pick up all the threads of my life and sort them out.

I really don't want to go into the details but do want to acknowledge the death of a great man, husband, father, grandfather, friend and generally nice person - my Dad.  Who died on March 3rd 2012 after he lost his battle with cancer.  My Mother, who also had her own battle to fight this year, is coping well and is a great role model.  So for the past year my main concerns have been for family and simple getting through all that had to be endured.  Thanks to some wonderful friends and a very supportive family we have coped with it all.

Keeping my mind focused on some practical things like yarn and patterns and producing some crochet accessories has kept me going and kept me grounded.  I have focused on starting and improving the Etsy shop and researching online shopping and marketing.

Plans for the summer include cranking things up a notch and I really want to devote more time to this blog.

One of the areas I want to focus on is the art of photographing my crochet.  If anyone had asked me last year, I would have said 'not a problem - I know a lot about photography'.  Maybe - but as I have discovered - not too much about photographing products!  It is an art in itself and elements such as lighting and colour and props are a whole lot more important and tricky than when taking landscapes, portraits and general snap-shots.  So a lot of work waiting to be done there.

And as part of getting suitable props sorted for photography, I was working on a wonderful old wire-work shop display form today.  It came to me in a round-about way and I only have it on loan really, but offered to repair it in exchange for its use.  I sanded it down and wire-wrapped some loose joints on its slightly bashed frame before resprayed it in an antique white colour.  It's stapled to a wooden base just to make it stand.  And it's looking super!

 Can't wait to use it!

And you can see it in use in my new banner

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