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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Weekend Madness

It's been a busy weekend!

I made it to the Knitting and Stitching Show.  And I was getting my things together the night before I wondered how many other women were doing the same thing.  How many other women were wondering what shoes to wear and which bag/bags to bring and setting the alarm for the wee hours of the morning?

The weather was glorious.  A friend picked me up at 7am and drove to Maynooth and we caught the dart from there.  It was easy to spot the ladies going to the same place.  They were on a mission and walking fast to beat the Q.  And there was a long Q but it moved swiftly.

Inside was an Aladdin's cave of colour and glittery things.  We headed to the food court first to meet the rest of the gang and get some food before visiting all the stands.

Its been a few years since I was at the K&S show and I had forgotten what it was like.

Strategies are definitely needed to shop successfully and survive a show like that!

It is essential to go prepared...

  • sensible shoes 
  • light clothing - layers in case it gets too hot
  • shoulder bag that leave both hands free
  • light folding bag to keep purchases together
  • a pen to mark on the map stands of interest to return to
  • a purse that's easy to manage - no sticking zips or buttons that won't button
  • a bottled drink 

Strategies to find what you want...

  • a quick lap of the stands to see what's there marking on the map as you go
  • a quick pricing of items of interest for comparison
  • talk to the people running the stand - could save money by getting the right advice
  • make a list before you leave the house and don't get distracted by things not needed

Strategies to actually get to the stands that are mobbed...

  • duck and dive- make yourself small and squeeze through
  • reach and grab- stand back and spot the item you want through the gap of people and when the opportunity arises stick your arm through and grab it
  • overtaking- watch for a space and nip in before others get there
  • the waltz- ask the person beside you who's moving in the opposite direction to swop places with you

Strategies for survival...

  • identify- food areas, cash machines, loos, exits, seats scattered around
  • take plenty of breaks
  • don't buy more than you can carry - there's always next year!
  • and do it all in the least time possible!

And having followed all my own advice (not) it was a super day.  I came home having bought wool at half price, unusual card blanks and paper, two crochet books and strands of yummy beads.  All of which couldn't be bought locally.

Time to finish a few things before starting on the new.  So that's the plan for the week ahead - tidy, sort and finish.

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