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Monday, 28 November 2011

Fancy that!

Christmas must be on the way! Fancy wool seems to be the order of the day- frilly scarves to be precise.

That's all I seem to have done in the last week and it goes totally against the grain!  There is not much room for individuality or self expression with these wools- except possibly how wide and how long!  But that's what the customer wants so I'm not going to argue.

On the other hand there is a plethora of other fancy wool on the market at the moment that I can see all sorts of possibilities for.  The ones that are particularly nice are Tivolies' 'Realm' and 'Chique' which I used with another lovely yarn from Sirdar called 'Shaggy', all in dark purple colours, to make a this amazing multi textured cowl.  And they are just sooo soft!

Tivoli has another lovely soft chunky yarn called 'Regal' and King cole have a new double knit called 'Galaxy'- all yummy colours and all very soft too.

So when the Christmas rush is over and I get the orders out, I shall indulge myself and use these lovely yarns for some special pieces for my spring collection.

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