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Crafts have always been a big part of my life. They have been my obsession yet kept me sane. My latest obsession is crochet. Wool and the finished products have taken over the house. A blog seems like the next step in my woolie journey wherever that takes me. Feel free to pop in and see what I am up to.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Winding down

As we get to the end of the school term I've been looking back at how busy it's been and looking forward to the summer holidays.

And as always the 'to-do' list is growing. It's really hard to believe how the last few months have flown. Thankfully it's been a good year so far. Somehow I managed to avoid any of the nasty bugs floating around. Work and extra circular activities have kept me busy and also from blogging.

Top of my list for the summer holidays is to sort out the house, especially my work areas. And I do mean 'areas'. I've been involved in so many crafts over the years that I have vast supplies of everything. I'm reluctant to throw out anything so end up finding places and ways to store them all. When I need more storage it's clothes I get rid of!

So my first plan is to refurbish an old drawer that was turned into a shelf unit many moons ago by Hubby. It came from an old shop fitting and is probably older than the two of us put together!

Hubby used it in his first flat which was above the shop and was filled with an eclectic mix of antique furniture, DIY pieces and cast-offs from his parents. Many of which we used when we moved in to our first home.

Gradually, over the years, we outgrew many of these odd pieces, or they fell apart or have broken down. But a few have survived and are still used on a regular basis like our little kitchen table and chairs. Some have been retired to the attic to hold more stuff we haven't  managed to throw away. And this shelf unit is among that lot. It's the bigger of two that don't quite match, but were very useful book shelves and coffee cup holders over the years. 

It needs a little repair, mainly wood filler and a coat of paint. I'm hoping it will help to organize the area around the recliner where all my works in progress are scattered about. I'm taking photographs as I go along so will post those when I'm finished. In the meantime here's one of our little table and old bentwood chair we use in the kitchen.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Early one morning...

Its silly o'clock here, couldn't sleep. Restless leg - so the best thing for that is a cup of tea. As soon as I'm upright, the pain is gone! Now I'm awake I've made the tea anyway.

Checking in on the Etsy Ireland teams page, I follow a few links to blogger and realized I haven't posted in such a long time. Last post was as I was getting ready for the Christmas markets.  I did three this year. The first in the gym of a local school. The aim of that was to get my stall sorted for the big two day Christmas Faire. The third was a flea market just to get a few more sales. All went well and despite the economic recession people were still buying handmade. I was happy enough the way my stall was set up, but have a few improvements planned for next year.

The Christmas was busy too with work, family and friends. Our daughter and her boyfriend announced their engagement to everyone's delight. So it will be a busy and eventful 2014!

I took a few weeks 'off' at the beginning of January, and only just getting back to crochet. On the hook at the moment are boot toppers and head-bands. This is one of the boot toppers, the only picture available for the moment as I'm only figuring out how the camera and apps work on this amazing piece of technology (a new tablet which was a Christmas present to myself since my laptop decided to go on strike)!

Sunday, 20 October 2013


100th order through Etsy today.. worth a few words I think!

Just had to share it!  It's been so quiet there lately, I was beginning to wonder was it time to find another venue. There have been a lot of changes over there recently and views and sales have been down for a lot of sellers. Then today I had an order from someone who had seen some of my work on a Facebook blog by a good friend of mine. And realized that although there are over 100 items sold this was in fact the 100 order. So I will add a little something extra in the package for my 100th buyer!

This week I will be working on stock for the up-coming Christmas Craft Fayres. I just love the buzz of the Christmas Fayres, and although sales are never guaranteed, I somehow need to reduce the stack of boxes of crochet before it takes over the house!  But as per usual there is always something more to do!  So for the next week or so I will be working on a lot of smaller items such as coasters and egg beanies.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Summer Ends

Despite the fact that I just love autumn it's always sad to see the back of summer.   Long lazy summer days are over and it's back to work and back to routine again. And after a few days it feels like we've never been away!

Looking back on the past few months it's been quite busy with family coming and going.  The house feels empty again and it looks like a bomb has hit it - but that's life!!

No time to blog over the past two weeks because pieces had to be finished before my model disappeared for months again. Although as my nieces grow up they are only too delighted to model a few hats and scarves for their crafty Auntie!!  Long may it last!!

Before I start listing my new designs I have a few old listings to update. Some pieces were listed without using a live model and they look so much better on a model.  One of those is the big oversized beanie that I now have in four colours and the others were the big stripy beanies with the big bobbles

And here is a photo of one of the pieces I have to list..

Once life settles down again I will have more time and do intend doing more with this blog.  I'd love to share a few of my patterns and link up with a few other crocheters.  Hopefully good intentions will result in more interesting content and a more lively page.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


You know when you go to the kitchen to make a cup of tea and you end up washing the dishes?  Or when you go up stairs for something and by the time you've got there you've forgotten what it was you went up for?

I've been doing a lot of that recently!  And it's not the first signs of old age as some have suggested! It's a well known fact that humans are limited by our attention spans and processing speeds so many of these little tasks and routines are automated so brain power is free to deal with the more lofty thoughts and difficult tasks.

However, the down side of this is that automated tasks and routines can easily get 'derailed' and we slip into a parallel routine.

For the past two weeks my head has been so full of my new designs that I just haven't been paying attention to the little things.

I'm in full designer mode at the moment and loving it. The styles for this winter will be very different and I can't get all the new ideas buzzing around in my head make quickly enough.  I've made up a few samples and still working on more. I posted a picture on Facebook and Instagram and the response has been brilliant.

And yesterday I found the perfect mustard yellow aran weight yarn I've been looking for for the last two years. I bought a fantastic dark grey and a navy to use with it for the new mittens as well, despite the fact that I had gone into the wool shop with a totally different plan in my head!  Derailed by a ball of wool!!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

When I Grow Up...

I want to be...
Life seems to be a continuous cycle of growing up! As a teenager I felt grown up. I was tall and lanky and quite mature for my age. Or so I thought! At 21 I knew I had finally grown up only to realize at 28 I knew nothing! By my 30s the was/was not cycle was changing daily, only to settle down again about 10 years later!
And now? Now I know I have much to learn, many more experiences to enjoy, plans to make, places to see, friends to make and much more I can be. Maybe I'm finally growing up!!
This little purse/bag still can't make up its mind what it wants to be. I woke up this morning thinking about how I can crochet a zip into a bag so had to try it. After two false starts I figured it out. I used a needle and yarn to place a line of stitches around the zip that I could then crochet onto. And by then crocheting a row into the post of that row I can continue as normal to work the body of the bag. But as I haven't planned past the zip stage it could turn out to be any shape or size yet!

The final bag. There are ways it could be improved but as a first attempt it works..

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Program of Action.

It was J.F.K who said 'There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.'

Granted he was probably talking about an arms program or something else concerning national security, but wise words none the less.

I was definitely guilty of 'comfortably inaction' at the beginning of this week. The house was quiet again and the lazy mornings and late night's meant I got very little done. So I made a 3 pronged program of action to get my butt in gear.

1. Clear up some of the WIPs and get them listed.

2. Stock up on some of the better selling crochet in anticipation of a Christmas rush (a girl can dream can't she??)

3. Come up with some new designs to keep myself motivated.


1. I did get quite a few things finished. There were collars in some new colours that just needed ends stitching in and buttons added. Typically- near the end I remembered the new buttons I bought weeks ago! 13 new collars now finished. And one triangular scarf that's been, what I call 'slow crochet'. Not being a fan of small hooks or fine yarn (mainly because the final cost is more than most peoply are willing to pay, and I'm also bored too easily) occasionally I do a longer project to slow down production. This was a half granny square using Araucania Ranco Multi and a 3.5mm hook.  I finished photographing some other pieces as well and am listing those on Etsy soon. Picture of the lovely soft cotton cowls below.

2. Stock up hasn't started yet, but it will.

3. New projects.. this I had fun with.  Mostly research at the moment, but I did order a couple of new books and searched the web for inspiration. The plan is to find ideas to use up the yarn I have.

There are just so many things I want to try I don't know where to start sometimes. I could do things like granny square cushion covers or baby blankets; tea cozies; or bags. Or expand on things I have already like egg cozies; hats; scarves; neckwarmers; or gloves.

After much deliberation I've decided to start by adding a new design of crochet collar to the collection. You can see one half of it in the photo below.

Program of action under way!!